Video: No More Potty Mouth


God has great exploits ahead for the Body of Christ; unlimited victories and invitations to do some really explosive things. Yes, Ephesians 3:20 will be a reality in the days and years ahead. But, there’s one thing standing in the way: “your mouth.”

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Dr. Moss shares a prophetic word on how serious God is about the idle words we have spoken. That this is a season when we will reap the fruit of what we’ve spoken—every careless word. He’s serious because the enemy is using the very thing God gave us to create miracles, to destroy us instead. But it is also a season that when you speak the Word in an atmosphere of faith, it will bring forth fruit and an abundant harvest at an accelerated. Listen carefully and you will not only receive a conviction to watch your mouth, but also discover how to use it in ways that will accelerate the dreams God has placed in your heart.