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  • Full Sermon: Communion with God the Father

    Communion with God the Father


    Streamed Live: Nov 16th, 2022
    Speaker: Evangelist Gwen Tyler

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  • Depression Exposed



    Don’t be fooled by thinking you can manage depression or that managing it is good enough! No, you must annihilate depression if you want to be delivered once and all from this recurring oppressive spirit that is keeping you from enjoying a good life.

  • Finishing Faith Full Sermon with Perry Moss

    Finishing Faith


    Streamed Live: Nov 13th, 2022
    Speaker: Pastor Perry Moss Jr.

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  • Pastor giving sermon titled: Heaven's Agenda

    Full Sermon: Heaven’s Agenda


    Streamed Live: Nov 9th, 2022
    Speaker: Min. Teresa Lewis

    This message is about God’s inherent power that dwells within the believer and the authority of this power made available through Jesus Christ. God’s plan is for his children to experience Heaven while here on earth.
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  • How To Grieve Book

    How to Grieve and Let Go with Dignity


    The bite of loss can leave its mark on you and everyone around you. If allowed, it has the power to mark you so deeply that your heart can feel severed forever.

  • No More Potty Mouth Sermon

    No More Potty Mouth


    Streamed Live: Nov 6th, 2022
    Speaker: Dr. Belinda G. Moss

    God has great exploits ahead for the Body of Christ; unlimited victories and invitations to do some really explosive things. Yes, Ephesians 3:20 will be a reality in the days and years ahead. But, there’s one thing standing in the way: “your mouth.”

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  • Personal Mastery

    Personal Mastery: The Believer’s Road Map to Destiny


    Many people have high IQ’s but a much lower EQ, leaving them prey for emotional breakdowns and a life unfulfilled. This book will help you learn how to navigate through life victoriously, utilizing the wisdom of God and His plan for your life.

  • Self Mastery

    Self-Mastery: The Lost Key to Living an Overcoming and Fulfilling Life


    In this secular version of Personal Mastery, the Believer’s Roadmap to Destiny, Dr. Moss presents similar information for use by those who have not yet made a decision that Christ is all they need.

  • Dr. Belinda Moss

    The Workmanship of a Miracle Worker Part 1


    Streamed Live: November 20th, 2022
    Speaker: Dr. Belinda G. Moss

    It’s time for the church to demonstrate the supernatural power of God resident in them simply by being born again. In this teaching, Dr. Moss exposes the spirits that cunningly try to occupy believers preventing them from advancing the KOG through miracles, signs and wonders. She also exposes the awesome craftsmanship that went into the making of each believer to ensure they can transform culture through their giftings and operating on dimensional levels to change their families, communities and nations.

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  • Coming Soon - Unveiling Your Divine Destiny

    Unveiling Your Divine Destiny

    Have you ever thought in your heart that you exist for something more than a nine to five; that something much bigger than yourself is awaiting you? Do you desire to leave this earth empty—not full of all that God has placed you on this planet to complete? If so, then this book is for you!