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Our Vision

The vision of Soteria life center is to produce life-givers by teaching “the word” with simplicity and understanding to such a degree that they achieve the same results as Jesus Christ, the anointed one and his anointing, who went about doing good, and healing all who were oppressed of the devil. We believe that Soteria: deliverance, preservation, healing, soundness, restoration, wholeness, and prosperity is available to believers in this lifetime. It is our goal to assist the body of Christ in becoming “Soterians,” so they can change their own lives, those with whom they are in contact, and ultimately the world.


Sundays – 10:15am
Wednesdays – 7:00pm

936 S Church Street
Smithfield, VA 23430

Our Pastors

Pastor Moss

Pastor Perry Moss. Jr.

Pastor Perry Moss, Jr. is the senior pastor of Soteria Life Center, a non-denominational church whose mission is to help people develop spiritually so they can fulfill their destiny.  He takes his call to prepare the body of Christ to operate in miracle signs and wonders and to demonstrate that God is very much alive very seriously.  He believes the body of Christ should move outside the four-walls of the church and affect change throughout all spheres of culture, himself setting the example by personally accepting appointments on several community advisory boards. Pastor Moss is also a life coach assisting people and entrepreneurs in identifying their true gifts to ensure total life prosperity.  He is married to Dr. Belinda G. Moss, Co-Pastor, conference speaker, and author.  They both reside in Smithfield, Virginia. They have one daughter and a granddaughter whom they treasure.

Perry Moss Signature

Dr. Belinda G. Moss

Dr. Moss is Co-Pastor and Executive Director of Soteria Life Center. She is a is a retired Air Force officer whose holds two Masters’ Degrees and a Doctorate in Counseling Supervision & Education.  A firm believer in the 7 Mountain mandate, she teaches globally, the importance of the body of Christ defining and utilizing their gifts and talents to affect changes in this world—solutions deliverable only by believers. An accomplished author, her books, have brought her before great men and created a platform for her to change lives cross-culturally. She is married to Pastor. Perry Moss, Jr., senior Pastor of Soteria Life Center. They both reside in Smithfield, Virginia and have one daughter and granddaughter whom they treasure.

Dr. Moss Signature
Dr. Moss

Celebrating Mothers Month

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Recent Sermons

Previous Sermons Available for Purchase

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The Year of God’s Justice
Pt. IV
Feb. 12th, 2023
Dr. Belinda G. Moss

There is Nothing more Powerful than a Changed Mind
Feb. 8th, 2023
Minister Quette Brown-Fletcher

The Ekklesia: The Real Church
Feb. 5th, 2023
SLC Presents: Dr. Belinda G. Moss

There’s Nothing Natural about Us at All!
Feb. 1st, 2023
SLC Presents: Pastor Perry Moss Jr.

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Exposing The Puppet Master
Jan. 29th, 2023
Dr. Belinda G. Moss

Heart Matters
January 25th, 2023
Sis. Claudia Tynes

It’s Just a Justice Thing. Pt 1
Jan. 22nd, 2023
Dr. Belinda G. Moss

Faith: A Spiritual Perspective
Jan. 18th, 2023
Minister Travis Wells

How To Grieve Book

How to Grieve and Let Go With Dignity

An Innovative Solution

The bite of loss can leave its mark on you and everyone around you. If allowed, it has the power to mark you so deeply that your heart can feel severed forever.  However, God desires to comfort those who mourn.   The challenge is many don’t know where to begin to put the pieces of life back together again or to accept permission to “live and love again.” In this book you will obtain the tools you need to process through great emotional distress whether through the death of a loved one or divorce or other abandonment concerns; and also, to obtain power, energy, and restoration. Yes, you, too, can live and love again.


A Spiritual Enlightenment on a Dark Subject

Don’t be fooled by thinking you can manage depression or that managing it is good enough!  No, you must annihilate depression if you want to be delivered once and all from this recurring oppressive spirit that is keeping you from enjoying a good life. Everything necessary to rule and reign in life has already been made available to believers.  The problem is ignorance of the plan of God for your life and Satan’s strategies for thwarting God’s plan. In this book, Dr. Belinda Moss shares with you her grueling battle with depression with three suicide attempts, one with a .357 magnum that misfired and how she permanently conquered depression and suicide ideation.  She will equip you with everything you need to know to annihilate depression ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Personal Mastery


The Believer’s Roadmap to Destiny

Many people have high IQ’s but a much lower EQ, leaving them prey for emotional breakdowns and a life unfulfilled. This book will help you learn how to navigate through life victoriously, utilizing the wisdom of God and His plan for your life. Equally important, Personal Mastery will teach you how to proof your heart, emotions and thinking powers so that you can keep yourself empowered during times of adversity, master, the art of fulfillment and revolutionize your life.  Ultimately, this book will transform you into someone bigger than your fears and greater than your past and help you achieve the life in which you dared to dream.


A Spiritual Enlightenment on a Dark Subject

In this secular version of Personal Mastery, the Believer’s Roadmap to Destiny, Dr. Moss presents similar information for use by those who have not yet made a decision that Christ is all they need.  She craftily shares wisdom from above, without scripture context, to answer the fundamental question why some people pilot their lives with great resilience, while others are derailed by suicide or other debilitating thoughts and behavior. She purports it’s because success is not based on the things that you do; it is based on your state of being.  In this book you will learn how to navigate your life with such accuracy that you will no longer zigzag through life but follow a course that will guide you strait to your destiny.

Self Mastery
Unveiling Your Divine Destiny

Unveiling Your Divine Destiny

Order Your Copy Now!

Have you ever thought in your heart that you exist for something more than a nine to five; that something much bigger than yourself is awaiting you? Do you desire to leave this earth empty—not full of all that God has placed you on this planet to complete? If so, then this book is for you! In Unveiling Your Divine Destiny, you will learn that God has a tailor-made destiny specifically for you that is as unique as your fingerprint.  Not only is He desiring to unveil it to you; but He is beckoning you to walk in it.  As you read this book you will obtain everything you need to discover and become all that God has in mind for you!