Soteria Life Center

Women of Wonder

Woman of Wonder

Women of Wonder…Miracles, signs & wonders shall follow them that believe… Mark 16:17-20

Vision: Teach women of God with simplicity & understanding…

Mission: The Mission of W.O.W!! is to inspire, equip, and disciple woman to live in God’s divine purpose. At W.O.W!! We fulfill our mission through an intimate sisterhood that creates opportunities and resources for women to discover their gifts and be empowered to fulfill His purpose. 


  • Build and reinforce intimacy inside and outside of Soteria through WOW!!
  • Build and increase engagement of the Women’s ministry through WOW!! events and activities.
  • Grow in knowledge and wisdom to build Generals and strengthen leaders through WOW!! events and activities.
  • Develop and deliver holistic approaches to spiritual growth targeting: Spirit, soul and body.
  • Wow the world through WOW!! Miracles, Signs & Wonders!!
Women of Wonder